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YouTube is the second largest social media in the world with 2.49 billion monthly active users and with a niche for everything, golf is no exception. Golf YouTube channels have revolutionised the way the sport is perceived and consumed. 

These modern-day golf enthusiasts are not just casual players; they are influential personalities who bring the sport to life in unique and engaging ways. Their rise marks a significant shift in the digital landscape of golf as an entertainment sport.

Overview of Golfers on YouTube Popularity

The popularity of YouTube golfers can be attributed to their ability to connect with a global audience. Unlike traditional media, YouTube offers a more personal and interactive experience. 

This direct engagement with fans, combined with the diverse and innovative content produced by these golfers, has led to an exponential increase in their follower base. The phenomenon is not just about playing golf; it’s about storytelling, education, community building, and simply fun.

Increasing Accessibility and Engagement

YouTube golfers have democratised the sport by making it more accessible. Golf has often been perceived as an elitist sport, but YouTube creators break down these barriers by showcasing it as a game for everyone. 

They offer tips, tutorials, and reviews that are easily understandable, catering to both novices and seasoned players. On top of this, they show relatively normal, average golfers having fun on the golf course. This inclusive approach has significantly broadened the sport’s appeal.

YouTube golfers also broaden the appeal of the sport by interviewing and challenging professional golfers. This level of accessibility to pro players has never been seen before on professional circuits. The pros are able to show off their skills and personalities outside of the Tour without being interviewed by golfing journalists. 

Appealing to a Broader Audience

By diversifying their content, YouTube golfers appeal to a wider demographic. 

They cater to different age groups, skill levels, and interests, thereby expanding the sport’s reach. The casual and often humorous presentation style makes golf less intimidating and more relatable, attracting viewers who might not have been interested in traditional golf broadcasts.

Also, the quick cuts, clips and edits now seen in YouTube videos are completely different to the slow, deliberate coverage of pro tournaments. It appeals to people with shorter attention spans and can give quick and easy advice in bitesize videos. 

Top 5 YouTube Golf Channels

The top 5 YouTube on this list is collated by the most subscribers to each channel. There are many more YouTube golf channels with over 100,000 subscribers but these are the most popular. 

Rick Shiels Golf


Rick Shiels Golf does it all. He produces content that entertains and educates and is constantly developing the channel to hit new trends in content creation. He specialises in golf club reviews, golf club unboxing, golf club news, golf club head-to-head, and all about golf clubs. 

Good Good


Good Good is a golf channel following 6 golfers as they play across a variety of challenges and tournaments against each other. They invite other golfing YouTubers, such as Rick Shiels, and pro golfers to join them as they have fun on golf courses around the world. 

PGA Tour


The PGA Tour YouTube channel provides access to tour highlights both past and present. Despite this, the number of subscribers is lower than two golfing channels, but it boasts an incredible number of video views. Their most viewed videos are top 10s and unusual occurrences on the course, with animal encounters and amazing plays getting millions of views.

Danny Maude


Danny Maude is a YouTube golfer from the UK offering tips and advice to golfers. Whatever your age or ability Danny will have a video to help improve your game. He played at several tournaments on the pro tour and is dedicated to making people better at golf. 



GM_Golf was started by Garret Clark and Micah Morris, they played golf for fun before deciding to film their adventures on the golf course. Micah eventually left the channel with Garret continuing to play a range of challenges from restarting their golf careers with $1,000 to playing against professional golfers. 

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YouTube golfers are content creators helping to drive interest in the sport. Their innovative approach to the sport has not only increased its popularity but also reshaped its future. 

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