In Essex, there’s always a celebration to be had. That is why there is a consistent need for party venues around the area, but what should you be looking for so that your event comes together perfectly? Well, the answer depends on what kind of event you are throwing. This guide provides a better idea of specific things to decide and discover.

Decide What You Need: The Party Plan

The first step to finding a perfect venue in Essex is figuring out what you need from it. On this list should be the following:

  • Number of guests
  • Amenities like a bar, outside space, etc.
  • Music thoughts
  • Catering requirements
  • Seating/dance-floor thoughts
  • Child/pet friendly

This will be a good sounding board to move from, and it will help with the initial round of enquiries, including getting an idea of event costs.


Essex County has amazing access to major cities like London, where travel is just over an hour between the two! This means, regardless of where your guests are coming from, they can travel into the big city thanks to all of the amazing transport options like airports, Eurostar, train stations, and more. So, in this sense, Essex is the perfect spot if you pick somewhere connected to the main travel routes.

Stunning Views

This county is also home to some of the most stunning views in the entire country, from Abberton Reservoir to Tollesbury Wick. Expect to find breathtaking venues in Essex nestled within the county which offer a nice balance between city amenities and countryside vibes like the West Essex Golf Club. When it comes to party venues Essex, whether it’s for a birthday party or function room post-christening, there is nothing better.

Package Deals

The cost of hiring a place will vary from venue to venue. Often, it is better to search for somewhere that is able to offer a package style arrangement that will include a set number of drinks, food, or both, and even factors like decorations. This can save you money overall, and it’s never silly to ask what’s on offer. If a venue is advertising event services, they should have a dedicated employee to facilitate bookings and resolve queries.


If you are hosting a party or gathering, and there will be a lot of children on the guest list, it is important to ensure that the venue you’re thinking about booking will cater to this. This is not always the case, and it is best to check before you spend any money on a deposit.


The number of invites you send out is also a big thing to think about. Anywhere you book has to be able to provide sufficient space to make the total number of guests comfortable and cared for. For larger parties, you may want to think about places that have outside space as well, instead of opting for an exclusively indoor-style fiesta. People like having options, especially in a crowded environment, so it is good to open up to nature and provide something a little bit different. Similarly, if you are throwing an intimate gathering with a handful of special guests, talk about what smaller spaces are available to hire because having a dedicated room where you can sit in peace together is what you want when you are pouring money into something special.

Technology Factors

It is hard to escape the influence of technology, even during a party or wedding ceremony. Tech is everywhere, and for good reason too. It can definitely enhance the vibe of an evening or afternoon through things like big screen projection to keep everyone organised and where they need to be, smooth music playing, or playing sentimental slideshows in the background as a part of the décor. If a prospective venue doesn’t have tech hook-ups, it is a sign that they are living in the past and probably won’t be able to support your modern party needs.


If it is going to be a major theme like an 18th or a marriage celebration, then you should also think about where your guests will stay overnight once the event finishes. The likelihood that people will want to travel too far after a night of fun and frivolity is low and, therefore, thinking about where there might be nearby or even inside the building for people to book out is a strong move to make. Lots of Essex venues have this option, and you will always get better rates by booking direct or online and doing it well in advance.

Exclusive Hire

Sometimes, it is nice to have the option for exclusive hire. This is when you and your guests are the only ones allowed in or out of a place, and lots of establishments have this option for a premium price. If you have the budget, then why not explore it as an option? It definitely adds a sense of uniqueness and comfort to a special moment.

Looking for a party venue in Essex means figuring out what you want, and the type of event being thrown. Don’t forget that a beautiful backdrop makes for amazing photo memories, and the theme of the day (or night) should always be to maximise the fun factor.

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