Winter Gold Tips

Follow These Handy Tips to Make Sure Your Golf Doesn’t Suffer During the Cold Winter Months

The winter months can be a frustrating time for keen golfers, with cold weather and shorter days making it difficult to get out on the golf course. However, this time of year provides the perfect opportunity to work on your game indoors, meaning you can return to the golf course in spring as a much-improved player.

Practice Putting at Home

Putting is one of the most crucial parts of golf, accounting for around 43% of your shots during a typical round. Dedicate time to practice your putting technique at home over the winter so you hole more putts when back out on the course.

Clear some space in your house and lay down a putting mat or strip of artificial grass if you have it. If not, you can use a rolled-up towel or find a smooth bit of flooring. Set up holes using plastic cups at various distances and angles. Take your time over each putt, carefully lining up your feet, body and club-face. Focus on solidly hitting the back of the ball and developing a smooth, pendulum motion with your putting stroke. Sink 100 putts per session, keeping score of your consistency.

Read Books on How to Improve Your Mindset

The mental side of golf is just as important as your physical technique. Take advantage of quiet winter days to read books that improve your mindset and mental game out on the golf course. Developing greater self-confidence, focus, motivation and positivity will lead to better course management and shot making when you return to playing competitive rounds.

Some excellent reads to begin with include “Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect” and “The Unstoppable Golfer”, both by Dr Bob Rotella. Absorb his wisdom on constructive thinking patterns, pre-shot routines, goal setting, self-belief and dealing with pressure. Understand how your mindset influences your physical game.

You can also read inspiring biographies of golf legends like Jack Nicklaus and Annika Sorenstam to understand how mental strength contributed to their success. Come springtime, implement what you have learned to boost your composure, confidence and concentration out on the course.

Get Fit for Golf at the Gym

The winter months are perfect for working on your overall strength and fitness to improve your golf technique and endurance ready for when you can hit the course again. Target the muscle groups that are most utilised in the golf swing, like your core, legs and shoulders. Joining a gym gives you access to wide range of specialised equipment and classes.

On gym visits, do exercises like weighted squats, lunges, planks, shoulder presses, rows and lat pulldowns. Using machines and free weights will get you into better golfing shape. Enhance your rotation with exercises using cables and resistance bands. Improve your flexibility through yoga or Pilates – increased mobility equals more distance. Cardio like running, cycling and rowing will build up your stamina for walking long rounds.

Practice Swing Drills in the Mirror

One of the best ways to keep your swinging technique sharp over winter is dedicating time to practice swings at home. While you can’t hit actual balls indoors, rehearsing the motions and positions of your swing in front of a mirror will help engrain good muscle memory for when you are back in action.

Set up as if you were about to hit a ball, taking your stance and grip. Work slowly through your backswing, pausing and checking positions at the top – are your hands, wrists, arms and the club in the right alignment? Now, smoothly swing down, shifting your weight forwards as you would into an imaginary ball. Follow through fully, holding your finish position for a moment. Look for any flaws like swaying or dipping your head. Repeat the swing drill 10-20 times focusing on your swing plane, tempo, footwork and balance.

Invest in New Gadgets

The winter season is a great time to treat yourself to new golfing gadgets that will help elevate your game next time you play. With the Christmas holidays coming up, you can even add some golf gear to your wish list! Useful gadgets to invest in include:

  • A launch monitor that measures detailed shot data like club speed, launch angle and spin rate. Seeing real statistics will help improve your swing technique.
  • Game improvement irons with forgiving technology that add distance and height to your shots. You’ll be able to attack pins with accurate iron play.
  • A new GPS device providing accurate yardages and hazard information to aid course strategy and shot selection.
  • Training aids like impact bags for realistic practice swings indoors and putting alignment tools for confidence on the greens.

Get Ready to Return to the Golf Course!

Use the suggestions we have given you to make sure your golf game doesn’t suffer during the winter off-season. Dedicate time to keeping your swing technique sharp, building your physical fitness, reading about mental strategies and investing in helpful new gadgets. By preparing both your mind and body for golf over the winter, you will return to West Essex Golf Club in spring playing better than ever. Of course, you can always make use of our TrackMan Driving Range, Chipping Green and Putting Green before you tackle our 18-hole course. Get practicing and see you soon!