Would becoming a golf member at a renowned club serve you well or only serve to hinder your finances? The question of whether you should join up and invest in membership is one that every golfer ponders at some point along their journey. The accessible West Essex Golf Club has an astounding membership option and being so close to London is just one of the perks to speak of. Here’s a rundown of how this choice could benefit your game.


How much do you spend on your golfing activities? If the answer is a lot and you are an avid golfer who goes out most weekends and spends time on various courses, then finding a fantastic West Essex golf club like ours with an incredible membership will only serve to save you money in the long run. You will pay an annual or monthly fee depending on your financial situation and personal preferences, and this will exist on a contractual basis which allows you plenty of benefits and cost savings as you experience what’s on offer.

Encourage Healthy Habits

Did you know that golfing is a great way to stay in shape and nurture your mental health as well? Everyone must be familiar with the advantages of getting outdoors and experiencing nature. Well, golf has additional bonuses in that it gets you moving too. Therefore, if you invest in membership in our golf club near London, you are increasing the likelihood that you will invest in yourself as well. Good health is always important, especially as you begin to get older. This should be a top priority so anything that encourages and motivates you to engage in fun hobbies and activities that are both physically and mentally beneficial should be embraced with open arms.

Enhancing Your Player Performance

It stands to reason that if you have a golf membership, you are more likely to play the sport on a regular basis. What this means is you get more face-time with actual practicing, and this will help you improve both your core skillsets and the general knowledge about the sport as well. It is true that the more you do something you feel passionate about, the better your chances are of actually learning and engaging with it. It is always a nice feeling knowing that you have done something good for your game, and membership will definitely help you engage on a whole new level.

Networking Perks

If you didn’t know already, then you will soon learn just exactly how a membership will help you network both socially and for business purposes too. There are lots of professional and social circles within a club, and these are all great places to meet new people. Whether your aim is to make a new friendship clique or advance your career, you may well be surprised at the abundance of opportunities that lie within the walls of the clubhouse. There could be an opportunity you’ve been searching for your entire life just waiting inside, and all because you made a smart choice and took the leap with your golf membership.

Incredible Event Opportunities

Here at the West Essex Golf Club, there are a range of events hosted throughout the year for our members, something you are only able to attend if you have a membership of course! These events are entirely catered to you and focus on the love of the game while providing a luxury vibe throughout. There will be tournaments to participate in as well if you look in the right places and lots of new social occasions to uncover as well.

Improve Your Golfing Experience

Of course, when you go to the golf course, it’s not all just about playing the sport. Though you may spend a decent amount of time out on the green, the fact is, people come for the entire experience. You might not know already but there is a plethora of exclusive amenities reserved solely for the dedicated members of the club. So, by purchasing a pass, you become a part of the inner circle and have access to a range of new things that just didn’t exist on your radar before. This means your whole day and entire experience will be enhanced significantly and your game will be more relaxing than ever.

Preferential Treatment

We don’t mind saying that members also get preferential treatment. What this means for you is that, if there is a certain time of day that you love to tee off, then you will be able to secure it over any other person coming through the door to play. So, you get to experience golf in the way that you truly love the most, and this is all thanks to your investment.

The facts are the facts, and these show that membership is the way forward for any serious golfer. There is so much to discover and an undeniable number of advantages to gain from as well. Click here to read about golf membership. Or if you are just planning a visit to play our championship golf course why not view our green fees and book a tee time for your group.