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Golf, a sport celebrated for its precision and elegance, requires careful consideration when it comes to choosing a membership. The decision between flexible memberships like PlayMoreGolf and traditional club memberships hinges on various factors such as cost, convenience, and the type of golfing experience desired.

In this article, we compare PlayMoreGolf to more traditional one-club golf memberships and offer alternatives.

What is PlayMoreGolf?

PlayMoreGolf is an innovative approach to golf memberships designed to offer greater flexibility and affordability. Unlike traditional memberships that typically require a substantial annual fee and commitment to one club, PlayMoreGolf allows golfers to purchase points that can be used to play at a network of affiliated courses across the UK. This system provides the flexibility to play at different locations without being tied to a single club.

Originating in the UK, PlayMoreGolf has rapidly grown, catering to the evolving needs of contemporary golfers who seek variety and flexibility. By partnering with numerous clubs, it provides an expansive range of courses, thus broadening the horizons for avid golfers.

Benefits of PlayMoreGolf

There are several benefits to a PlayMoreGolf membership:

  • Flexibility
  • Cost-effective
  • Access to multiple courses

One of the primary advantages of PlayMoreGolf is its flexibility. Golfers can choose when and where they want to play, making it ideal for those with unpredictable schedules. This membership model is particularly cost-effective for occasional golfers who might find traditional memberships financially burdensome.

Another significant benefit is the access to multiple courses, currently, there are over 250 golf courses as part of the network. This variety can enhance the golfing experience, allowing players to enjoy different course layouts and challenges.

Drawbacks of PlayMoreGolf

Despite its numerous advantages, PlayMoreGolf does have some drawbacks.

  • Limited tee times
  • Points based system
  • Lack of exclusivity
  • Lack of community

The availability of tee times can be limited, especially during peak periods, leading to potential overbooking. This can be frustrating for golfers who prefer spontaneous play. It is linked to the points-based system which is calculated by the individual clubs, so your options could be limited when the club prioritises full-time members.

Additionally, the lack of exclusivity might be a concern for some. Traditional club memberships often offer a sense of prestige and belonging, which PlayMoreGolf might not fully replicate. Restrictions on peak times can also be a downside, as prime slots are often reserved for full members of the respective clubs.

Benefits of a Club Membership

Overall, there are four main benefits to joining a specific club as a member:

  • Sense of belonging and tradition
  • Unlimited access to facilities
  • Consistent playing conditions
  • Clubhouse amenities and social events

Traditional golf club memberships are revered for providing a profound sense of belonging and tradition. Learning about the club’s history in the clubhouse or getting to know people who have been members for decades adds to this. Members often develop strong ties with their club, enjoying a consistent playing environment and camaraderie with fellow golfers.

Unlimited access to facilities is a significant perk, allowing members to practice and play as often as they like. Clubhouses offer a plethora of amenities, from dining to fitness centres, enhancing the overall experience. Most clubs will offer discounts on hiring venue facilities, such as conference rooms or meeting facilities.

Social events and tournaments further enrich the membership, fostering a tight-knit community. It also allows members to play with others with a similar handicap, in turn becoming better players.

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Alternatives to Flexible Golf Memberships

For those seeking flexibility without committing to a single membership model, there are several alternatives.

County Card Scheme

Essex Golf Union offers golfers a County Card Scheme, which serves as a flexible golf membership for members of golf clubs. For example, West Essex Golf Club is part of the scheme and members can sign up for free as part of their membership.

The County Card Scheme gives members access to the member’s guest green fee rate at over 1,300 clubs in 35 counties.

Green Fees

Pay-and-Play options allow golfers to pay only when they play, offering ultimate flexibility. They are often referred to as green fees. This option allows for those who irregularly use a golf course. Similar to the drawbacks of PlayMoreGolf, visitors who are not members may suffer from the lack of availability of the golf course due to members playing.

Golf Societies

Golf societies and syndicates are also popular, where groups of golfers come together to share membership benefits and organise events. These are groups of golfers, usually separated by handicap, that hire a course as a group to play friendly or competitive rounds of golf.

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Get a Golf Membership at WEGC

The choice between PlayMoreGolf and traditional club memberships depends largely on individual preferences and playing habits. Becoming a member at West Essex Golf Club offers an incredible range of benefits for golfers and their wider networks.

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