If you have watched a game of golf in the past few years, you have seen the flight path of the ball traced on your screen perfectly. Sometimes that flight path has additional data that tells you everything you need to know about a particular shot. That is TrackMan tracing. TrackMan technology was developed in 2003 and has completely changed how we watch and play golf.

What is TrackMan?

TrackMan uses a complicated Doppler radar to analyse everything about a ball’s flight and its motion in the air. It can also provide additional data on things such as the ball’s flight and swing. Since it does this in real time, TrackMan Golf technology use has exploded in recent years, with the technology being deployed on golf courses and even in training.

The data it provides has also become instrumental in helping golfers select the best shot, ball and swing during a round and in training. TrackMan technology can also be deployed indoors so players can train no matter the weather. Players can also practice if they do not feel like going out on a course. Players can also simulate playing on different famous international courses or visit a TrackMan range to see how they are doing and to analyse different aspects of their game.

How TrackMan Has Transformed Golf

TrackMan provides players with data that they would not have got in the past using its sophisticated technology. Players can now improve and alter different parts of their game depending on the data they get from TrackMan. Players can also practise new techniques and compare them to their old ones to find out how they are faring. By giving coaches access to the same data, TrackMan can help coaches help their players improve their swings and different aspects of their game. In this way, TrackMan has also enhanced golf training.

TrackMan also improves the learning experience. Players can practise on one of the many international courses simulated in TrackMan, and this can provide a much better experience than looking at the same course every day when practising.

TrackMan has also changed how we watch golf. These days, those watching at home or online have more information on the ball’s path and flight. By providing information to broadcasters and online audiences, TrackMan actively encourages analysis and discussion, which ultimately helps improve the whole experience of watching a game of golf.

What Are the Advantages of Using TrackMan?

The main advantage of TrackMan is the data it provides players and their coaches. Players can get better on their terms, and coaches can enhance their player’s skills for better outcomes. TrackMan is also instrumental in helping players find the best clubs for given situations and the best shafts for their overall game. Players can visit a TrackMan driving range to have a few swings using different clubs and then use the data provided to choose a better club the next time they train or play.

Players also get access to indoor golf simulator classes where they can test out numerous club alternatives. As they play through these classes, they can get data that helps with the fitting procedure. This data is crucial for new players yet to learn how to pick the best golf club for them and different situations.
TrackMan also improves a player’s performance. Golfers can find areas where their game is lacking, and coaches can help players discover areas of improvement. They can then make tweaks to see how they affect their game, keeping those that help and eliminating those that do not.

Using the TrackMan App for Better Outcomes

Players can use the TrackMan app available on iOS devices to control their TrackMan units. The app is easy to use, and allows lots of functionality, including data tagging, target selection and more. The app also makes it easy to analyse all types of shots, including putting and swing strokes. By doing so, the path has become a must-have for all golfers who use TrackMan to improve their game.

TrackMan has transformed golf by giving players and their coaches unprecedented access to data they would not have had in the past. It has also made viewing a game of golf more fun as people can easily understand what is going on, why certain shots are great, and why others are less so. Come and visit our TrackMan range and see what it’s all about!

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