Xmas Party

If you have been tasked with the essential Christmas party at the office, you will have a unique perspective on just how stressful this can be. Fortunately for you, West Essex Golf Club has the answers to all of your problems. Based just outside London in the countryside of West Essex, we have function rooms, catering options, and dedicated team members galore to help you make the most out of your corporate celebration. Here are our top tips and best features below.

Clarify the Numbers

The first top tip for office party planning is to make sure you know a ballpark figure for how many people are expected to show up to the event. When it comes to Christmas party planning, this is the smartest move you can make! Everyone that you expect to show up should be jotted down so you can formulate a guest list, but in the first instance, this is just to get a sense of what kind of space you need to hire. We can provide a party space for up to 200 guests in the main banquet hall or host up to 60 people in the quieter Harry’s Bar setting instead. It is likely that big-scale corporate events will have a higher number of guests, and we are ready to serve.

Pick a Theme and Run with It

The thing about Christmas parties is that they are supposed to be a celebration at a particular time of year. This is the holiday season when so many people are looking forward to seeing the old year out and bringing a new one in with friends or family or by honouring their own special rituals. However, it is also important to consider diversity factors within this. Avoid specific labelling and make sure that everyone is wholly considered and included in both the planning process and the underlying theme!

Set Up a Party Committee

The easiest way to avoid any problems is to put together a planning committee filled with various team members who represent the true diversity of the team. This will be the best method for combatting any problems that may come along and a direct route to ensuring that every holiday is a part of the overarching celebration. Party committees can meet up and discuss themes, arrangements, decorations, food options, and entertainment too as long as they have a budget and a timeline to work with. There should always be a member of management leading the process to keep things on the right track.

Pick a Date as Soon as Possible

The thing about the holidays is that people are busy. It is better to pick a date that will be around the time that people are finishing work, for instance, in the last week before the Christmas period. This will help to ensure that as many people as possible can attend and that no one is left out of the celebration. Once you have the date secured, send out invitations as soon as possible! These can be through a poster printout or a mass company email, just make sure the word gets spread and transmitted far and wide so that everyone knows exactly where they need to be and when.

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Don’t Neglect the Food or the Drink

West Essex Golf Club has a range of catering options and bars right here on the premises. So, these two things are completely taken care of with our range of handy packages which you can enquire about at any point during your planning process. However, it is advisable to sort this part of the fiesta out as far in advance as you can so that everyone has what they like and there are no problematic barriers in terms of allergies and so on. There are bound to be a few people who don’t eat meat, are allergic to nuts or shellfish, etc., and you need to make sure there are versatile, inclusive options across the board. The same is true of drinks. Not everyone likes to or is able to drink alcohol, so make sure your drinks package takes this into account.

Entertainment Matters Too

Depending on the numbers, your party will need a few bits of entertainment throughout the evening. Whether this is a mass craft activity with a festive theme (hello wreath making) or a DJ leading the night into fun times and general merriment, the activity and entertainment factor is of utmost importance. This might take up a reasonable chunk of the budget, but it is arguably worth it when all is said and done. This is where the most memories will be made, and what people will remember in the years to come! Hard work deserves special treats, and the Christmas party is the perfect space for it.

Planning a successful corporate Christmas party takes a lot of planning and a reliable venue like ours to pull it all together.