Captain’s Blog – March 2023

Full Swing

By now we have probably all seen some of this show or if you’re like me all of it in two marathon sessions. It has been said that the timing of Netflix venture into golf could not have been timelier with a civil war raging through the professional game.

We all have our favourite golfers but certainly Full Swing got me thinking. I’ve always been a Dahmen fan – his hat game has always been on point. I’ve always loved JT and Spieth – one for his swing and the other for the ability to do what we all do and blow up mid round without warning. Is Spieth the most relatable superstar pro golfer with his twitches, swing changes and constant search for something even it seems during his downswing. (Raz you should check it out mate!)

I’ve never thought a lot about Tony Finau but he’s certainly the nicest guy you could ever meet. I never trust anyone who leaves the flag in when putting but watching Matt Fitzpatrick take the US Open was just brilliant television first time around but twice as good second time round. The episode had a fantastic Dahmen cameo crossover from his episode. Tied second after Round One Dahmen walks into the almost empty press tent and says “Joel Dahmen Blah Blah Blah – who says Dahmen cant win a major? Look at you now” A reporter answers “It’s only one round” Brutally hilarious. Fitzpatrick’s obsession with writing down his every shot in a notebook was another brilliant highlight.

We all have our LIV Golf views and for me Poulter didn’t make a convincing case in his episode for the rival tour although he was as brilliantly entertaining as ever. I can honestly say that I have never been a Brooks Koepka fan, but his episode softened my stance. He’s human and more than that is racked with the same self-doubt that I face when I find myself above the hole on the fourth green at the West in the height of summer. Who has not asked the question why am I here in that situation?

In your swindle or group of players who are the frenemies, the doubters, the imposters, the nice guys and the serial winners. Which episode  resonates with you and who is your new favourite golfer?